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Water Activated

Powersports Wash

A cutting-edge wash designed with racers and outdoor enthusiasts in mind. Engineered to deliver unparalleled results, this specially formulated wash is your key to maintaining the flawless exterior of your prized equipment, without a hint of compromise.

  • Water activated granules
  • To mix, add 3 oz of product per 1 gal of water
  • Works on metal, plastic, chrome, painted & coated surfaces
  • 2 lb (.91kg) resealable bags
  • Each bag includes 3 oz scoop
  • 5 bags/case
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This isn’t just any degreaser; it’s an environmentally safe game-changer meticulously crafted to elevate your maintenance routine and keep your equipment looking and racing like new. We’re committed to keeping your ride and equipment in pristine condition.

  • Water-based, biodegradable formula
  • Non-corrosive
  • No mixing necessary
  • Concentrated formula, use neat or diluted
  • 32 fl oz (946 ml) spray bottle
  • 10 bottles/case
  • Available in 1 & 5 gallon containerssafe s

Step 1

Add 1 scoop of ProGlow (3 oz of product) per 1 gallon of water.

Step 2

Shake or stir and allow the specially formulated ProGlow granules to fully dissolve and activate for 8 minutes.

Step 3

Apply  everywhere there is mud. ProGlow WILL NOT strip away grease from bearings, suspension linkages, and pivot points.

Step 4

Rinse ProGlow thoroughly with a high power hose or power washer. NO SCRUBBING REQUIRED!

ProGlow PowerSPORTS wash

Mix and Wash Instructions

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ProGlow Powersports vehicle wash product image

Experience the next level of cleaning precision with ProGlow Powersports Wash

When the stakes are high and every detail counts, ProGlow Powersports Wash steps up to the plate. Crafted to perfection, this wash boasts a meticulous blend of advanced ingredients that work in harmony to remove dirt, grime, and road residue without leaving a trace. And here’s the kicker – our formula is as gentle as it is powerful. Bid farewell to the fear of scarring, etching, fading, or discoloration. ProGlow understands that your ride’s finish is a testament to your dedication, and we’re here to ensure it gleams brighter than ever before.

But that’s not all – what sets ProGlow Powersports Wash apart is its unrivaled balance. We understand the intricate mechanics that keep your equipment running at peak performance. That’s why our formula is engineered not to strip away the grease from vital components such as bearings, suspension linkages, and pivot points. It’s a wash that respects the heart of your machine as much as its exterior, promising a thorough cleanse without compromising its inner workings.

Whether you’re preparing for the next race or simply taking a victory lap through life, ProGlow Powersports Wash is your ultimate ally. With every wash, you’re not just cleaning – you’re nurturing a bond between man, machine, and the open road. So gear up, racers, because ProGlow is more than a wash – it’s a testament to your passion, precision, and unrelenting pursuit of excellence.


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Introducing ProGlow Degreaser – a dynamic force engineered to meet the rigorous demands of racers and outdoor enthusiasts. 

In the realm of speed and precision, oil and grease are formidable foes – they can hinder performance and impede your path to victory. But fear not, for ProGlow Degreaser is your strategic advantage in this battle. Formulated with a keen eye on performance, this versatile solution goes to work with unmatched swiftness, breaking up and vanquishing oil and grease without a second thought. It’s the ultimate partner that never backs down from the dirtiest jobs, ensuring that your ride remains in top form.

But our dedication doesn’t end at performance alone. We understand the symbiotic relationship between your equipment and the environment. That’s why ProGlow Degreaser is more than just a powerhouse – it’s a conscientious choice. As you navigate the tracks and trails, you can rest assured that our formula is environmentally-friendly, biodegradable, and non-corrosive. 

Precision-engineered, highly concentrated, and expertly designed, ProGlow Degreaser is a testament to the commitment you have to your craft. It’s not just a degreaser; it’s a statement of your dedication to excellence. Gear up, racers, and experience the power of ProGlow – where unmatched performance meets a sustainable future.


Amazon Reviews from Verified purchases

Great service great product   “Fastest service i’ve ever seen . product was simple to use and worked better than any other product i’v tried i used it on my mowers and my crew cab side x side i would recommend this product to any one that works there equipment in the dirt and mud spray it on rinse it off with no streaking.”

Stuff works great   “Went mudding with my atv and washed it with this stuff just an ounce in a hand sprayer and soaked the bike down and let it set five minutes and sprayed it off and every bit of red clay just fell right off this is all I’ll use from now on.”

Results have made a believer out of me! No more scrubbing! This is the perfect product to use to clean mud and clay off of ATV’s, race cars, etc. Spray it on and rinse it off.